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Light and Space?

You’ve heard it before: some colours are “warm” whilst others are “cold.”  Simply, this is an utter myth: it is all about context. The truly magical thing about colour is that it is never the same for long – it always changes, due to the influence of light.   Shadows create the spectacular, and a well-placed shelf of ancient books, a whimsically-leaved plant or a thick, long curtain can therefore create wonder in a room.

Fashions change and we have seen many, many trends and fads.  “Feature” walls have been very fashionable for a while now but are so rarely used correctly. Wallpaper is back in a big way but it can so easily over-dominate, ironically stealing away the sophistication and sharpness is was called on to add.  Similar goes for cornicing, picture rails and ceiling roses – the balance must work so features compliment the home.

These are the areas you will spend most time in, so we will help you choose what will work wisely.  Remember rules of symmetry and angles, and always keep it pratical.

Whoever you are, wherever we are; in everything we undertake, Avant-Garde Interiors aim to excel and deliver complete satisfaction and develop our reputation.

  • Professionalism throughout every project.

  • Everything completed to the highest of standards.

  • Always aiming for return business and recommendations.