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Making Memories

Certainly since the end of the 1990s, in terms of how a modern house is designed, the kitchen has become more and more the hub of the home, its centre and source of energy; which of course it is.

More than any other room, the kitchen should be durable but we also believe it can be the room for fun. The kitchen is for your children’s artwork and certificates, where the bags tend to get dumped, it is the origin of aromas and sounds which make us feel homely and warm, and inquisitive…  But it is also your science lab for all things shiny, a sparkling haven where everything should be clean and in order and ready to go!

So whether you’re the next Heston or Nigella; whether you just wish they’d put their school shoes where you asked – the kitchen gets a bit roughed-up.

Avant-garde Interiors will ensure your hand-painted units, surfaces and walls will endure any attack of exploding beetroot ice cream, Blu-Tack or kicked-off-shoe.  There will be no crying over spilt milk in this house!

Whoever you are, wherever we are; in everything we undertake, Avant-Garde Interiors aim to excel and deliver complete satisfaction and develop our reputation.

    • Professionalism throughout every project.

    • Everything completed to the highest of standards.

    • Always aiming for return business and recommendations.