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Sleep Well!

Bedrooms vary in style more than most other rooms; from home to home and of course within a home.  We have designed and completed many looks which borrow from the traditional and regal, a specific era or country, and even boutique hotels.  So whether you want a comfortable space for your guests, a multi-purpose bedroom or something special for your girls or boys, we can deliver the end result you desire.

The homeowner’s bedroom is often the last room to receive the TLC tended to the rest of your home, as it is the one that generally doesn’t get seen by anybody else.  It has been proven, as simple searches on the net will testify, that a well designed and clean bedroom will gift you with better sleep.  We often put the needs of our family above our own but we should make certain we are well equipped with rest to do so.  Perhaps it is time to treat yourself for a change?

Whoever you are, wherever we are; in everything we undertake, Avant-Garde Interiors aim to excel and deliver complete satisfaction and develop our reputation.

  • Professionalism throughout every project.

  • Everything completed to the highest of standards.

  • Always aiming for return business and recommendations.